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Brooks Run Bras: The Dare Collection

Brooks Run Bras: The Dare Collection

Shoes aren't the only important running accessory to consider – at least, not as a female runner.


If you've ever gone running in a bad bra, you should already know why the next one you buy has to be an absolutely comfortable fit. Brooks Run Bras conquered multiple great running shoes and now they're onto the perfect run bra, and their Dare Collection is recommended to runners of every level – or shape.


Here's what you should know about Brooks Run Bras, and what separates the Dare Collection from any other sports or running bra you've tried so far.


More About Brooks


Why Buy Brooks?


Although Brooks is new to the undergarment game, they're a reliable, established running brand that specializes in apparel for sportspeople – and they don't just cater to the professionals among us, but to everyone who needs a more comfortable pair of running shoes and clothes.


When buying Brooks, you buy for the advantages of quality, sustainability and the trusted name that attests to the fact that they're good for any active lifestyle. 


Running Shoes and Running Bras


Brooks offers some of the best running shoes and clothing on the market, available at different price points so that anyone can afford to find what they need.  Tested and approved by actual runners. 


Their shoes and bras are both known to be designed for comfort – and being specifically for running, they're also designed to give you an advantage with fabrics that absorb moisture and that won't slow you don't.


Introducing the Dare Collection

The run bra that doesn't sacrifice maximum comfort for looks. The new Dare Collection from Brooks includes 8 different styles of great fit and breathability while all keeping to the same idea - maximum comfort and maximum support. Sizes range from A to G, including DD and FF and including band sizes from 30-40. And the optional built-in cup is an answer to prayers for female runners.  


The new line promises to avoid restriction and prevent chaffing, while still keeping everything in the right place.


The Dare Collection: The Crossback 


Advantages of the Dare Crossback Run Bra


Our personal favorite from the line is the Crossback model. The Dare Crossback Run Bra has been made from superior fabric, one that doesn't chafe or cause any discomfort while you're on the move. The Crossback has been made to still be a comfortable fit even when you're in constant motion. The wider, softer straps don't create any tension from the shoulders or around the bust, making it perfect for all-day wear. 


The Dare Crossback Run Bra is also great thanks to the way it fits the body. It's not like most other running bras that can feel like they're holding on too tight and restricting blood flow. The Crossback feels like a second skin rather than a harness. 


As we all know, no bra is one-size-fits-all just like no running shoe will suit every runner, but with so many sizes, colors, and fits, there is a model for you in the Dare Collection. 


Conclusion: Refreshingly Different


The term "run bra" is usually used in reference to bra that just fits tighter in general, with little regard to elasticity, moisture wicking, or actual comfort. The Dare Collection delivered on all of these fronts and many more. With so many options, there is a model in the lineup for everyone - of all activities, shapes, and sizes. 

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