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About Us

grivet (griv-it) n. – a forest-dwelling African monkey, greenish-brown in color, that spends its days grooming, playing, climbing, and play fighting


grivet (griv-it) v. – to get moving; to acknowledge your inner, wild self; to be primal


In the beginning, like the twenty-first-century primatologists and adventurers we didn’t know we were—we discovered, in the wilds of the Interwebs, the perfect mascot: the grivet. Our true north has always been to reunite you with movement and the outdoors. To reconnect you with your active, primal self.  A monkey is the closest relative to humans in the animal kingdom.  We want to encourage you to be the outdoor version of yourself.


And perhaps you are drifting, too, lost in adulthood and disconnected from your younger self who pined for the playground so near and desirable just beyond the double-pane glass of your classroom windows. Perhaps you have forgotten how you could almost hear the creak of the dizzying merry-go-round as your teacher droned on about intransitive verbs and division tables. How you challenged your capacity for, or immunity to, seasickness on the seesaw. How you suspended yourself upside down on the grivet—er, monkey—bars until you could no longer feel your blood-drained legs. How you played freeze tag and red rover until you were sweat-slick and coated in dust.


Or maybe you never forgot. Maybe you still long to engage the outdoors and perceive the hours of the work day as just notches marking the time between one adventure and the next. Rucking through Shelby Forest in a pair of Chaco hiking sandals or Hoka One One Speedgoats and a weighted-down Osprey hiking pack in preparation for your next backpacking excursion to some Smoky Mountain bald or across Denali or up any of Colorado’s fourteeners. Pushing a triple stroller in a pair of Brooks Ghost or On Running Cloudswift toward PRs at the every-weekend 5K. Chewing the single track at Shelby Farms in your new Altra Escalante. Paddling across the Mississippi wearing your Buff headwear and Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Graphic shirt and hydrating from your Hydroflask. Threading the gates of a black-diamond slalom wearing a helmet and goggles from Smith Optics. Timing your beach yoga session on your Manduka PROlite yoga mat or eQua towel so that you arrive at Savasana just as the sun paints its first beams across the white sand.


Either way, you, our loyal—or soon-to-be-loyal—customer, are like the grivet. Maybe you’re not greenish-brown (we’d accept you even if you were). But you were born to move around. You were born to climb and play and compete. And like the grivet that spends its day grooming, you were born to look good (in a pair of Goodr sunglasses, perhaps) while doing it—whatever it is you like to do.


All of that is to say: we’re committed to Memphis, and we’re committed to you—wherever you are and wherever you’re going.


Copyright Grivet Outdoors / Robert Busby 2020. 



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