How Speciality Running Stores Can Help: What to Expect During Your Custom Fitting Experience

How Speciality Running Stores Can Help: What to Expect During Your Custom Fitting Experience

One-size-fits-all may be one of the biggest lies in the sports apparel industry, and no two runners are ever the same. The same pair of shoes would exhibit completely different results from two athletes on the very same track.


Shoes are debatably the most important part of your running gear.


Once you start to take running more seriously, it's time to make an investment in your next pair of running shoes. But don't pick just any pair! Visit a store for a custom fitting experience, and get a shoe that actually fits your needs – and your running style.


Here's how speciality running stores can help, and exactly what you can expect during your custom fitting experience.


Why Speciality Running Stores?


Shoe stores sell shoes, and that's where most people go for their first pair of running shoes. It's just logic to imagine that shoe stores would have the best shoes.


Speciality running stores, however, can be much better. Speciality running stores sell various types of shoes that cater specifically to sportspeople and runners.


If you go to a running store, then you can expect them to have a larger available range of running shoes, from entry-level to more.


Usually, a running store's staff knows their products in relation to a runner's needs far better - and they are usually runners themselves! Oftentimes run-specialty stores tend to be locally owned or operated (like Grivet!) This means the staff has access to details such as local run groups to join or their favorite run spots around the area. 


The Advantages of Run-Specialty Shops


Running stores have more advantages above regular clothing or shoe stores, and even above online retailers that sell almost everything, like Amazon. Getting in touch with a store and staff that specialize in what you need almost always outweighs the shot-in-the-dark method of ordering from a generic retailer. 


A running store has reliable stock, options you can try on, and the extra advantage of knowledgeable staff who can give useful and practical advice about the best shoes.


There's one more thing: select running stores offer custom fitting to find you the perfect personal fit. And if the shoe you need is not in the store, we're usually happy to order it for you, saving you on shipping costs. 


If the shoe fits... You can probably find it at a running store!


What to Expect: Your Custom Fitting Experience


What are the Benefits of a Custom Fitting?


Custom shoe fittings take statistics from each runner, and finds them a shoe to match their personal running style and exercise needs. Instead of just finding a shoe that feels good to the person who wears it, a shoe fitting seeks the perfect match and aims to address short-term and long-term needs. 


Sometimes, a custom fitting can also be called outfitting, and it's a good idea for anyone - not just runners. Anyone who is putting in hours on their feet could greatly benefit from this kind of consultation. When asking around for a recommended running shoe, you'll get answers from various sources on what's worked for them - Brooks, Hoka, Saucony, Altra, On Running, etc. But once your fitting is performed, you'll have it narrowed down to a model that's best for you. 


A more-than comfortable shoe reduces injury risk, tones down the impact during the run, and feels like you're on a cloud. A comfortable, well-fitting shoe can also impact your speed and performance when you're on the run. And if you're not running, the risk of injury, strain, and pain also go down once you are in a shoe tailored to your needs. 


How Long Does a Custom Fitting Take?

A custom shoe fitting session can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. At Grivet Outdoors, our Footbalance machine offers a 3D look at your analysis and takes just 10 minutes. The following consultation runs around 30-45 minutes. This is accounting for the time it takes to try on multiple brands and styles as to get you win the right fit. If you intend to book one yourself, prepare for a fair amount of time spent discussing your needs with the store specialist. Call the store or just walk in depending on where you intend to have your fitting. 


Conclusion: Shoes That Fit YOU!


Custom shoe fittings are a lot more than just marketing or hype, it's based on science. A custom shoe fitting can change your journey, alleviate pain, and reduce the risk of future injury.

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