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Benefits of Altra's Footstep Fit (and Pros of a Wider Toe in a Running Shoe)

Benefits of Altra's Footstep Fit (and Pros of a Wider Toe in a Running Shoe)


Running shoes are not all the same, and a runner's best bet for peak performance is to find the best shoe for their running style and gait.


Wider-toed running shoes, like the Altra's Footstep Fit, have advantages above shoes that place width at the heel or mid-sole. 


If your running shoes have always felt a little too tight around the front, it might be time to consider wider toed running shoes and the advantage they could give you.


Here's what you should know about the Altra's Footstep Fit, and why runners should consider a wider toe running shoe as a potential option.

Altra's Footstep Fit


About Altra


Altra is a high-range, leading brand of sports apparel that is known for speciality running and walking shoes. Most of their range has a great reputation, and most has been designed for peak athletic performance and comfort at the same time.


The Altra brand has great options, like the Olympus, Peak or Footstep Fit, each with their own advantages.


What is Altra's Footstep Fit?


Altra's Footstep Fit is a specialized type of running shoe, with one big difference that sets it apart from most other models even in its own range: a wider toe, together with its special impact-reduction technology.


Most Altra shoes, including this one, are built to reduce impact felt on the heel and ankle. In this case, it also adds an added amount of stability and speed that runners can use when making contact with the ground.


Why Buy Altras?


Altras is still a leading brand preferred by amateur runners and professional sportspeople, and they are often recommended for anyone who wants to step up their running shoes past entry-level models.


Comfort and stability are key to most Altra designs. Most runners can find the perfect shoe for their needs and individual gait with just a few tries.


The Pros of Wider Toe Running Shoes


Superior Glide


Imagine that the front of your shoe glides through the air like a plane, and then imagine that the shape of the plane made absolutely no sense for the air passing over it. Would it still fly the right way?


Shoes are the same. Glide matters, and you don't want shoes to drag when they go through the air at the cost of your speed of performance.


Less Impact


One of the important benefits for wider-toed running shoes that makes a lot of sportspeople prefer them is the fact that it's less impact – overall – on the foot and heel.


Tension only hampers your exercise and potential, but the right shoe can guarantee you take less strain in your most important joints.


Overall Comfort


It's not uncommon for runners to find narrow shoes an uncomfortable fit, and to eventually loathe the very act of running as a result of their shoes. It's not the sport you hate, but the shoes you're doing it in!


Wider toe shoes can give you the comfort you've always been looking for, and it guarantees you more stability when there's any contact with the surface.


Conclusion: If The Shoe Fits...


While it can take more than a few tries to find the perfect pair of shoes to match every runner, wider toed shoes can bring you closer to that stability and performance level you want – and comfort, of course, helps!


Still can't find the perfect pair of running shoes for your feet?


Visit a specialized running store and book a custom fitting session for a perfect pair of shoes, guaranteed.


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