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prAna: Bringing Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility to the Mainstream Clothing Market

prAna: Bringing Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility to the Mainstream Clothing Market

Clothing isn't ever just clothing.


Sustainability matters, and most buyers want to make informed choices about where their clothes come from. 


The mainstream clothing market is overfull with brands that don't seem to care about sustainability or environmental responsibility. Cheap clothing can mean cheap results, or throwaway items that has a massive impact on landfills.


Can the world afford clothing brands without sustainability at their core?


The short answer is no.


Consumers and clothing brands are both realizing the importance of environmental responsibility.


PrAna is one clothing brand which considers sustainability and environmental responsibility, clothing good for the environment, its top values.


Here's what to know about prAna, a sustainable clothing brand for yoga, travel and outdoor adventure.


What is PrAna? 


PrAna (sometimes stylized as prAna) is a sustainable, environmentally friendly clothing brand which first launched in 1992.


They are an apparel company that specializes in sports wear, including clothing for yoga, travel and outdoor adventure.


The difference that sets them apart from everyone else is their focus on sustainable clothing and materials, when some other manufacturers don't seem to care. 


PrAna hits the sweet spot between affordability and sustainability, which can be rare for large clothing manufacturers.


Who Buys PrAna? 


The prAna brand is advertised as perfect for yoga, travel and outdoor adventure.


Most of their market share caters to environmentally conscious, sporty individuals who like to be comfortable and stylish – but can't sacrifice their range of movement.


PrAna has become known worldwide. Even though the brand started in the United States in the early-90s, they have made recent moves in the past decade to sell their brand of clothing in Europe and elsewhere – a clever, still sustainable move.


Mistakes in the Mainstream Clothing Market


The mainstream clothing market isn't flawless, and can be one of the most costly industries to the environment. Cheap, disposable clothing adds to landfills – and sometimes, the materials used to make the clothes are not sustainable.


Mainstream clothing can also cross into an underpaid workforce, which many unethical companies are guilty of. 


prAna guarantees sustainability from their fabric to every zipper.


Materials are found from sustainable sources, and their company is one that gives back to the environment instead of taking away from it like so many others.


What's Different About PrAna


The prAna brand values quality, and most of their range is known as high-end products at an affordable price.


It's difficult to find clothes that are affordable, sustainable and comfortable. PrAna has based an entire brand around the fact that it can manage all three.


Conclusion: Sustainability and prAna 


A healthy lifestyle isn't just about your own needs, but also environmental ones.


prAna turns out to be one of the few clothing brands that care about the sustainability of their name and what every thread does to the environment.


If you're buying for environmental sustainability, consider buying prAna.

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