A Quick Guide to Running Gear

A Quick Guide to Running Gear

A Quick Guide to Running Gear

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Are you thinking about taking up running? If the thought of getting out onto the pavement for a few miles every morning excites you, then you're going to need some gear to start.

Fortunately, you don't need much in the way of expensive equipment to start running, but there are a few essential pieces of gear you will want for your workouts.

Your Shoes

Any runner will tell you that your shoes are the most crucial part of your running kit. Your shoes can turn your training into either a lot of fun or a nightmare.

The biggest tip with your shoes is finding a pair that conform to your feet. Do you have fallen arches, high arches, or are you somewhere in between? Those foot postures play a significant role in determining the right running shoes. Your training style and conditions are also important factors.

Are you cross-country running or sprinting on a track? Trail running, road running, speed work – all these activities require unique shoe designs to enhance your running experience.

If you have no idea, it's best to do some research before you plunge into buying shoes. A good pair of running shoes can cost upwards of a hundred dollars, depending on the brand.

So, if you want to get the best value for your money and have the best running experience, make sure you select the right style of shoe to complement your feet and your training style.

At Grivet Outdoors, we recommend local runners come into our stores for a personalized foot scan and fitting with our staff, using the FootBalance kiosk.

Running Socks

After shoes, socks are the next significant consideration. You need breathable socks that improve airflow to your feet. The lightweight material should wick away moisture to the edges where it evaporates through the shoe lining, keeping your feet dry.

Seamless designs also help reduce friction in your shoes, preventing the development of blisters. Choose hi-visibility colors for running in low light conditions.

 Feetures and Balega socks both offer great options for runners.

 Running Tops, Shorts, and Leggings

Running shorts

Comfortable and lightweight, with a skin-tight feel that doesn’t chaff. That describes what you’re looking for in a top or a pair of running shorts. Look for breathable, synthetic materials. Avoid cotton at all costs. Cotton gets wet from skin moisture, making your skin feel cold when running on cold mornings.

Make sure your shorts or your running top come with hidden pockets to store essentials like housekeys and your credit card to use at the coffee shop on the way back from your run.

Sports bras provide your bust with the support you need to get through the most demanding workout. Unwanted movement can limit your performance. Look for stretchy, synthetic materials with a breathable design.

Rabbit is one brand that has some great, affordable, running-specific apparel options. We love their sports bras, tanks and tees! 

Other Essential Accessories for Running

Running Gloves – If you’re running in cold temperatures or wet conditions, take some thin, lightweight gloves along to protect your fingers from the cold. 

Running Hat – Keep the sun out of your eyes as your ascend that hill.

Running Jacket – If the weather gets cold and rainy outdoors, and you still have to get in your training, an all-weather jacket can help keep you dry.

In addition to a wide footwear selection, On Running also has a lot of great running apparel, with features like hidden pockets and reflective strips for visibility. Their jackets, especially, are some of our favorites! 




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