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Trail Running Shoes VS Road Running Shoes

Trail Running Shoes VS Road Running Shoes

Trail Running Shoes VS Road Running Shoes

Running is a healthy way to manage your weight and keep your cardiovascular system running efficiently. As with any sport, using the right gear will prevent injury and ensure proper performance. It may seem like any athletic shoe will work for a jog, but there is a big difference in what shoe you use to run on different terrains. For manufactured surfaces such as roads or sidewalks, a road running shoe is ideal. You will need to use trail running shoes for areas off the track, such as dirt, grass, or trail. We'll cover the main differences between a road running shoe and a trail running shoe to help you determine the one that best fits your needs.


Trail Running Shoes

Trail running shoes are crafted to work well on technical terrain, steep inclines, and even on slippery surfaces such as over mud and snow. They protect the feet more effectively to help your pads and ankles suffer shop or bruising when running over various surfaces. Even within the train running shoe niche, there are a variety of options to choose from. It is vital to wear the right shoe for the running surface you will be using to ensure your feet and ankle are protected. 

Train running shoes are specifically made to withstand sharp elements such as twigs and rocks that you find in off-road areas. They also have sticker outsole lugs that provide additional support for when you run on dirt or other soft surfaces. The shoes, in general, are more durable in addition to being stiffer. Never use trail shoes on manufactured surfaces because the tread and lugs will get worn down. The damage can prevent you from getting the proper traction you need when you run over rough surfaces.


Road Running Shoes

Road running shoes are made with hard, flat surfaces in mind. While these surfaces are more straightforward to run on than over wildland, running shoes still have unique features that set them apart. The shock of your feet hitting hard surfaces over and over can wreak havoc on your bones. Road running shoes have padding and unique shapes designed to help reduce impact stress during your run. Roads being flat also tend to get slick and slippery when wet. Road running shoes are designed to grip the ground with each step and prevent slipping or twisting when the surface is wet.

Road running shoes feature a blown rubber outsole that is smooth. This helps the shoe to create a firm grip on the pavement or other artificial surfaces. They are also lighter because they don't have a rock plate. They are much more flexible to allow your foot to roll over the flat surface without damaging your ankles. Road running shoes also should have a very comfortable fit without the need to be broken in. Regardless of how often you run, it is essential to wear the right shoes for the path you intend to travel.

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