Fun Camp Cooking Tricks

Fun Camp Cooking Tricks

Fun Camp Cooking Tricks

There are a lot of tools and implements you need to carry with you when you spend a night or more extended camping in the wild. First aid kits, water, and sleeping gear are among the top items that should be in your camping kit. Cooking essentials are also important, but getting creative with your equipment with so little space available is vital. If you are at a loss about how to pack your cooking kit for your next camping trip, or if you want to make your setup more efficient, we can help. We have a couple of camp cooking tricks that will come in handy and entertain your fellow campers simultaneously.


Handy Cooking Gadgets Carry With You Into The Wild

Pocket Burner

A pocket burner is an easy way to expand your cooking space without lugging around an extra camping stove. Pocket burners are about the size of a deck of cards and are thin enough to fit in your pocket. You can toss it in your duffle bag or backpack for an extra easy burner when dining with more than one person at a campsite. It is easy to set up and usually gets hot enough to boil water in less than five minutes. Plus, your campmates will get a kick out of watching you cook with a stove that fits in your pocket.


Pack Your Multi-Use Utensils

Using one utensil for many purposes is a great way to save space when you are camping. Most of us have used a spork at one time or the other, and they do come in handy. Pack a camping spork that features double-ended usability. One end has a fork, while the other has a spoon and even a serrated edge. This utensil is a great way to make the most of your space while also packing the cooking and eating tools you need for a night in the wild.

Optimus Kettle

As much as roughing sounds like fun, most people must have their cup of Joe, even if they are out camping. You can't depend on a coffee maker, so a good camping kettle is essential. The Optimus kettle is an easy way to enjoy pour-over coffee on the go and can be used to make oatmeal, boil water for cleaning, and more. It is just under 5 oz making it the perfect size to use on your pocket stove.

Simple Tricks To Make Your Camp Cooking More Efficient

Picking the right tools for your camp kitchen is the first step to an efficient excursion. The next is using a few tips to make your camp meals more easily. If you are car camping, then make a point of packing your food in separate coolers. Fold food should go in one cooler while dry items should go in another. Cooked or semi-cooked food should have a cooler as well. Having a cooler will help keep food fresher longer to have delicious meals no matter how many days you are out in the woods.

If you are planning to rough it, then it is a good idea to pre-cook a lot of your items and then pack them in a way that preserves them for your camping trip. Stick to dryer foods that you can rehydrate with water while you are in the wild. Not only will this cut down on the time it takes to cook at your campsite, but it will also help save fuel and keep your camping partners happily fed.

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