How to Warm-Up Properly

How to Warm-Up Properly

How to Warm-Up Properly

All runs should start with a warm-up. Warming up dilates the blood vessels, which helps to prevent muscle strain. It increases your temperature, too, which boosts flexibility.

To do a proper warm-up, follow these simple tips:

  • To loosen your muscles, begin with 5 to 10 minutes of light aerobic exercise. This could look like taking a brisk walk, riding a stationary bike, or marching in place. Pace yourself. Don't go too hard, too fast.
  • Next, do two sets of 10 jumping jacks, opposite toe touches, or walking lunges. These activities will help to stretch out your muscles and prepare them for running.
  • Now, you can slowly begin running. Remember to pace yourself at first. Start by jogging comfortably and then gradually increase your speed. Pay attention to your breathing. You should be breathing with ease. If you start straining or running out of breath, slow down. Your breathing helps you determine how quickly you should run.
  • Be mindful of your posture and form throughout your run. You don't want to hunch over or bend too far back, as doing either will strain the muscles in your neck, back and legs.

Follow these simple tips for a proper warm-up, and you'll be ready to enjoy a successful run.

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