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History of Brooks Running

History of Brooks Running

As a runner, you know how important your shoes are. The shoes on your feet will determine your comfort, speed, endurance, and overall success. There are many brands specializing in running shoes these days, and one of the top brands on the market is Brooks.
Whether you're a novice runner looking for your first pair of sneakers or an avid runner who needs to replace your existing shoes, you may be considering Brooks. Knowing about the brand's history can help you decide if their shoes are the right option for you.
An Overview of Brooks History
According to Brooks, "the company that runs more often runs better." That's because the team that powers Brooks isn't a bunch of stuffed suits that don't have any knowledge in running; instead, they're comprised of a crew that actually loves running. Needless to say, this means they know a thing or two about the sport; and, thus, about what features a good pair of running shoes needs.
Brooks is an American-based company that initially made shoes for a large variety of athletic activities. They were founded in 1914, and while they did see a tremendous amount of success, particularly in the 1970s; however, toward the end of the decade, they faltered, and in 1981, they ended up having to file for bankruptcy. To revamp the brand, Brooks decided to cut their product line by over 50 percent and put all of their focus into running, and changed their name to Brooks Running. As such, their attention on performance technology that would increase the success of runners was boosted. Their efforts worked, and between 2011 and 2017, they had become the best-selling manufacturer in the specialty running shoe industry. Brooks has also been dubbed the "Best Running Shoe" by notable athletic publishers, such as Sports Illustrated and Runner's World. They've also received recognition for their dedication and commitment to improving the environment with their sustainability programs and technological innovations.
History of Brooks
In 1914, John Brooks Goldenberg founded Brooks Sports, Inc. after he bought a manufacturer of bathing shoes and ballet slippers, the Quaker Shoe Company. The company was based out of Philadelphia, and it was run as a partnership between John Goldenberg and his two brothers, Michael and Frank. Six years later, in 1920, Quaker Shoes was renamed Brooks Shoe Manufacturing Co., Inc., and the shoes they made were sold under the brand name Bruxshu. They continued making ballet slippers and bathing shoes; however, they also added other footwear types to their lineup, including baseball and football cleats, orthopedic shoes for kids, and quick stops for roller skates.
In the 1990s, after the company filed for bankruptcy in the early 1980s, Brooks was purchased by the Rokke Group, and they decided to focus solely on running shoes. They focused all of their efforts on creating running shoes outfitted with the latest technologies to ensure the comfort and support of runners' feet and improve their success overall. This is the Brooks we know today.

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