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Essential Medical Supplies To Have On Hand When Hiking

Essential Medical Supplies To Have On Hand When Hiking

Hiking is a great weekend activity that can reduce stress or take you on a grand adventure into the great outdoors. Regardless of how long of a hike you have planned, it is always good to carry a medical kit. You should always have the basics in the event of an accident, or if you come across another hiker in need of assistance.

Most of us only think of needing food, clothing, and shelter to survive. Those do make the top of the list, but if it came down to it and you were in the middle of nowhere or stuck with a broken leg with no way to travel out of the woods, you would need a lot more than food and water to continue to survive an extended period. Medical items are necessary items that many of us take for granted because they are so easily accessible in an urban environment, but in the wild, it's precisely that: wild.

Medical Kit For Short Term Hiking Trips

When making a medical kit, think about the length of time you will be out in the wild. If you are going hiking and camping for the day, you probably won't need everything below. For day use medical kits, you can pack enough in a small backpack or fanny pack to help you until you can reach others. It would be best if you also considered how many people you are packing the kit for. If you are unsure, assuming more is always better.

The simplest items to keep in a hiking or camping medical kit for day use are water, gauze, tweezers, medical tape, CPR mask, gloves, and alcohol wipes, and Band-Aids.

If you are often with someone who has allergies and needs an EPI pen, be sure to pack one or two of them. Ideally, you will also have a cell phone to call for medical assistance if an emergency occurs. Again, ensure you have enough supplies for every person that will be hiking or camping with you. It is always better to be over-prepared than not have what you need when an emergency arises.

Medical Kit For Extended Camping or Hiking Trips

Let's move on to that big medical survival kit; whether you are planning for the zombie apocalypse or just for a week out among nature, this list will help you get started on the medical items you will need to survive.

  • Potable water – to drink/clean wounds
  • Gauze, pads, tampons, ace multiuse bandages
  • Tape – medical tape, duct tape, etc.
  • Paracord or rope – for splinting or to tie off for bleeding
  • Gloves, scissors, tweezers – to help in cleaning of cuts
  • Snakebite kit
  • Rubbing alcohol – to clean wounds
  • Blood Stopper – to help clot large wounds.
  • Peroxide and Baking soda – to help care for teeth.
  • Floss (unflavored) -teeth care and suture material
  • Witch Hazel – good antiseptic – helps relieve bug bites/stings.
  • Sunblock and aloe – to protect your skin from the elements
  • Vaseline – use as a medical dressing, ChapStick or on rashes
  • Medicines – Benadryl and pain relievers


The list above is just a primary starting point. Always be extra prepared with items that will help in the event of an emergency. Look for natural supplies such as honey and eucalyptus oils that have multiple uses. We are all programmed to fight for our lives; having a medical supply kit will ensure survival during emergent situations no matter how far into the wild.

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