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Why Grivet? Why Are We Here?

Why Grivet? Why Are We Here?


Welcome to the first official blog post of Grivet Outdoors. There have been a lot of questions about the site and what we are doing so we're here to give you some insight into our history and what direction we would like to take. 

Why name the site Grivet?

Grivet wasn't exactly a name we had first picked out. In fact, it was something we just stumbled upon. 

Coming up with a name for a brand is probably one of the most challenging things about a business. We started researching popular business names that seemed to transcend the tests of time and what we came up with was nothing. We ended up just writing down a ton of names on a piece of paper and going down the list. Most of them were average at best, some were terrible, and others were okay. 

We finally agreed upon Grass Monkey. We did a little bit of research and got a logo made. We did a little more research and realized that Grass Monkey is the name of a lawn company located somewhere in Ohio that had created an LLC. There is also a Grass Monkey boutique on Facebook that has about 5k likes. So, obviously, we didn't want anything confused with our brand.

So here we are with a logo of a green monkey and no idea for a name. Naturally, we started looking up species of monkeys and low and behold, a grivet is a greenish-brown African monkey. It's easy to say. It rolls off the tongue nicely. So we stuck with it.

grivet monkey

He's a cute little guy!

Why are we here?

First, we are here because we believe people should get up from the desk and start moving. Too many of us fall subject to the crazy workplace and sitting in one spot for 8 hours a day. It's not good for you. In fact, it was never a part of our nature to be idle for long periods of time. 

Our message is to "be primal." We need to revert back to the essential, fundamental principles of life. We were born to move around. The world is our playground and we have lost touch with the outdoors as a species. 

The outdoors has only become something that we, simply, pass through on the way to our cars from our homes and our jobs. We need to relearn our bodies and teach them how to optimally act in an environment that is very rewarding for us. Nothing cures someone's stress like a breath of fresh air. 

Grivet will not just be an outdoors site, or a health site, or an activewear site. Grivet will be a base for knowledge. We want to provide easy tips to help you relieve your stress and get back to the basics of life. 

We only try to sell products that we feel will help you on your journey. We know that price is important to you so we acquire only clearance products from reputable brands to ensure you get the lowest prices. 

Where are we going?

We want to be a one-stop shop for health, quality products, and moving in the outdoors. The blog will be a hub for information from various knowledgeable and experienced authors. We want to create information-rich posts and give you the best direction for your health and activity. 

mind body spirit

Please feel free to contact us with any topics you would like for us to cover or any products that you would like to see. We are an open book and want our customers to get the most out of their experience with Grivet. 

Have a wonderful day!

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