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3 Tips for Brand New Runners Buying Running Shoes

3 Tips for Brand New Runners Buying Running Shoes

The most important thing you should do after committing to give running a shot is to buy the right pair of shoes. Zeroing on the best fitting running shoes can be an arduous task considering the numerous choices available online and at your local running store. To ensure you stay happy with the purchase, you must make sure that the shoe fits you properly from head to toe.

Wearing the wrong pair of shoes while running will make you feel highly uncomfortable and cause injuries. We are here to share our favorite tips to find running shoes that are perfect for you:

  1. Select a shoe specifically designed for running

Although running shoes may look similar to your sneakers, they are indeed different. Running shoes are designed with specialized technology that helps you run and prevent injuries. They have cushioning that aid in shock absorption and lets you move forward with ease.

  1. Choose a pair that fits well

For taking advantage of the full functionality of the shoe, it is essential to choose the right size. There are a few points to watch out for to makes sure that the shoe fits you correctly:

  • There must be a gap of roughly 1 inch from the tip of your big toe to the front end of the shoe so that your foot has enough space to slide without hitting the end of the shoe.
  • Our feet tend to swell due to the continuous movement during the day. Therefore, experts recommend buying shoes at the end of the day instead of in the morning to get a more accurate fit.
  • You may want to have a professional analyze your gait. There are different shoes for different running gaits. Do you know if you overpronate? An expert in a running shoe store will be able to tell you!
  • There are different varieties of shoes that accommodate narrow and wide feet. Choose a pair that fits your toes comfortably.
  1. Identify the purpose of your shoes

Will you be using your shoes for casual running or training for a speedy 5K or your first half marathon? These questions are pertinent when thinking of buying running shoes as shoes are designed with a definite purpose in mind.

  • Casual running shoes- These are the most versatile option and most durable. It can handle the wear and tear associated with the daily jogging.
  • Plain surface or road running shoes- There are lightweight running shoes for people who like to race and do faster workouts. There are also heavily cushioned shoes for people who feel pain from hitting concrete over and over again.
  • Rough surface or trail running shoes- If you plan to run on rough surfaces with many ups and downs like a natural terrain or hills, trail running shoes are excellent. It not only offers excellent support and stability but also gives a better grip. Additionally, it also protects your feet from sharp rocks that are common in such an environment.


There you go! You now have the most useful tips to help you choose a pair of running shoes that lets you achieve your goals. It's now time to lace up and start running!



Shopping Suggestions: We mentioned shoes with wide toe boxes. Consider the Altra Escalante for a popular "foot-shaped" shoe! 

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  • Shammy Peterson
    Shammy Peterson

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  • Eve Mitchell
    Eve Mitchell

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