Two Basic Camping Tips For The Whole Family

Two Basic Camping Tips For The Whole Family

Camping helps you to reconnect with your family away from the distractions of daily life. What better way to get to know each other than to head out into the woods? Grab our book of Campfire Stories, toss on a pair of Asolo Hiking Boots, and hit the trails with the family in tow. Before you jump in the van, there are a few camping tips Grivet Outdoors has put together that can help make your outing a success.


Plan Your Route And Select Your Camping Grounds

Start off by planning your route carefully and select your camping site before you start your journey. While your plans may change somewhat en route, it helps formulate a specific itinerary that will allow you to judge distances and times and give you less to worry about during the actual trip. It's also important to try and stick to this plan as closely as possible during the hike - if you should become lost, then making predictable moves will allow rescuers to find you more easily. Sticking to planned camping sites will also help others locate you if needed, and it will also allow you to better plan the comfort and safety of your family.


These days, with COVID-19 restricting air travel, many campsites fill up weeks or even months in advance. Consider calling to inquire about reservations ahead of time. This way, you can even get your pick of the best spot. Do your little ones need to be close to the restroom? Or would you rather be more secluded? These are things to consider for the perfect family camping trip!


Be Proactive About Your Security

When camping out in the wild, personal safety rules are much different from those you would follow in the city. Use common sense. If a situation doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Animals and other predators in the wild are unpredictable, and you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Stay low key and non-threatening if you happen to come across wildlife, especially bears, wildcats, and other similar predators. Avoid caves, especially during the

While you may want to feel at one with nature on your camping trip, it's essential to wear bright clothing to be visible. High visibility allows a rescue team to spot you in case of becoming lost, but can also help your fellow campers spot you should you become detached from the group.

To the untrained eye, the weather can be extremely unpredictable. Respect what nature is trying to tell you when bad weather takes over. You may have to stop, take shelter, or even go back on yourself if weather conditions do not allow you to move forward. Failing to check the weather could result in uncomfortable wet clothes, a fall in body temperature, and serious accidents.

On your camping trip, you may encounter any number of wild animals. While most animals will keep to themselves, there are certainly cases in which animals will attack you. If you’re hiking in an area of the world where bears are known to inhabit, you may want to consider bringing anti-bear spray. Bears are not the only danger, however. The least harmless-looking creatures can also be a danger, the most striking example being reports of mountain goats who have attacked and even killed hikers.

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