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The Top 5 Nutrition and Fitness Websites That Will Help You Get Moving

The Top 5 Nutrition and Fitness Websites That Will Help You Get Moving

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"What is called genius is the abundance of life and health." - Henry David Thoreau

Since we're so passionate about health and fitness, we've decided to make a list of our top nutrition and fitness websites so you don't have to go searching. We tried to make this list as balanced as possible by mixing overall health websites with niche exercising, fitness, and just taking care of your body. 

Quality of Content

We took into account a number of factors starting with the quality of content. There's an incredible amount of information on the internet to sort through and it's not always easy to distinguish who's legit and who's not. But I think we weeded out all the garbage and gave you a high dose of quality information. 


Next, we looked at how aesthetically pleasing the sites were. We wanted to make sure you could easily navigate the site and not have to wade through a garbage load of ads.

Do They Care?

Lastly, we focused on the message of the website. Are they actually trying to help people or are they just trying to push their products? We are trying to make the world a better place and we want to share other people companies that are trying to do the same thing. 

So without further ado....

The Top 5 Nutrition and Fitness Websites 

    5. Breaking Muscle 

    • Breaking Muscle is a one stop shop for all your health, fitness, and lifestyle goals. There are some very interesting topics covered from a school's PE curriculum to fitness and fatherhood. This group of trainers and coaches are specialized in every different genre of fitness so you can focus on whatever makes you happy.
    • This group dedicates their life to training and helping you be whatever you want to be. From gymnasts to nutritionists, martial arts, and powerlifting, they can teach you whatever your heart desires. 

    Breaking Muscle

    4. Mobility WOD

    • Mobility WOD is a site created by Kelly Starrett, the author of New York Times Best Seller The Supple Leopard. He is a physical therapist, coach, and speaker who has changed the way that people think about human movement and performance.
    • Mobility WOD offers a daily mobility exercise that promotes flexibility and, most of all, pain-free movement. Kelly believes that all human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves. If you want to get back to moving around pain-free, then you really need to check out Mobility WOD.

    Kelly Starret Mobility WOD

    3. Body IO 

    • Body IO is a hub for all the new health and nutrition information. This site is on the fringe of the most up to date research. It was started by John Kiefer who has a Masters in Physics, a former career as a software engineer, and a fitness fanatic himself. Kiefer is probably going to cure cancer, no joke. He's known for his two books Carb Nite and Carb Back-Loading, along with his podcast which is also named Body IO.
    • What we like about John and his crew is they always bring new information and perspective to the table. They aren't caught in the current trends of dieting and fitness, but only on what they gather from the scientific research. The Body IO crew also makes it very accessible and applicable to you daily life. 


    2. Fit Bottomed Girls

    • Fit Bottomed Girls is geared towards women, but women have slightly different needs than men. So we thought it would be good to add them in. Plus they have a huge following. Fit Bottomed Girls was started by Jennipher Walters, Erin Whitehead, and Kristen Seymour. They're real-life, down to earth women with busy lives. This prevalent blog has a carefree and reasonable way to deal with wellness that we really like. 
    • Workouts should be enjoyable, not miserable. Diets should be about the occasional treat and not deprivation. These are things that we can all agree on. They provide a heap of knowledge and a community that you can surround yourself with to meet whatever goal it is you're chasing. They also have sister sites Fit Bottomed MamasFit Bottomed Zen, and Fit Bottomed Eats so you can find all your information in one spot.

    Fit Bottomed Girls

    1. Nerd Fitness

    • Nerd Fitness is just a fun community that does care about setting a PR or pushing yourself to the absolute max. It was started by They want to make fitness enjoyable again. Their goal is to break down all mental, physical, and emotional barriers so that you can change your life for the better. If you feel like you don't fit in, this is the place for you. There are plenty of courses and events to choose from to start your journey.
    • I mean, look at the name. This is a group of nerds that are great at problem solving. They focus on small tweaks over a long period of time to fundamentally change your mindset and your body. And what's even cooler? They quote comic book characters to get their point across. Thanks, Optimus Prime for your infinite wisdom!

    Nerd Fitness Banner

    These sites are serious and provide you with enough information to last a lifetime. If you want to take care of your body then you need to invest the time to do so. Just get up and move. Your mind and body will thank you for it. 


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