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Tips For Hiking With Dogs

Tips For Hiking With Dogs

Tips For Hiking With Dogs

Hiking is an amazing way to explore nature and stay in shape at the same time. If you have a furry friend, taking them with you on your hikes can be an excellent way to give them a workout while allowing them to explore new places. While a guidebook can help you plot your course before hiking, planning your trail with your pup in mind is crucial. Luckily, here are just a few tips that will come in handy when you hike with your dog.


Check the Route Rules

Every hiking route has rules to follow. While most trails allow pets, some areas require your dog to remain on a leash, while others don't allow pets at all. You can call the park in advance of your visit or check their website if one is available.


Carry Water With You

It is easy to remember to carry a bottle of water for yourself, but when hiking with a dog, you need to bring along an even larger supply. You and your dog will both need to stay hydrated throughout your hiking trip, and the best way to do that is to carry plenty of H20. It is essential to keep your dog from drinking out of wild water sources because the same bacteria that will make you sick has the potential to make your dog sick as well. There are dog backpacks you can affix to your pet's back that will allow them to help share the work of carrying extra water during your travels.


Plan for the Terrain & Weather

Always check the forecast for the day before taking your pet on a hike. While you may be able to take shelter on a trail, it is much harder to handle bad weather when you have a dog in tow. Humidity, sun, and elevation can also increase the hike's difficulty, so check for weather alerts that warn of rain, hail, snow, and even increased temperatures. Bring bug spray and sunscreen for your dog as well. Most pet shops have brands that are formulated specifically for animals and for hiking excursions.


Consider The Physical Condition of Your Dog

Before picking out a trail, think about your dog's health. If your companion is out of shape or has problems with its joints, choosing a shorter path with fewer hills is imperative. For dogs that use assisted movement devices, make sure the trail you pick can accommodate their carrier, wheelchair, or braces.


Double Check Pet Tags & Carry A First Aid Kit

A regular hikers' first aid kit will generally have everything you and your pet need in a minor emergency. You can also add in booties for damaged paws and compression tape. Consider getting a pet-friendly antihistamine to deal with any bug bites and stings that cause a reaction. And before you hit the trail, it is also essential to make sure your pet's collar is secure on their neck and that the ID tag is visible. The last thing expected is to lose your dog when you are out hiking, but if they have an ID and do get lost, it will be much easier for them to be returned to you when they are found.

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