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The Presence of Women in Running

The Presence of Women in Running

 Presence of Women in Running

The industry of sports has regarded Marathon Running as one of the most popular sports in the industry. In the United States, it was estimated that almost 60 million people have participated in running, jogging, and trail running in the year 2017. Along with these sports, programs like running for fitness have drawn more than 110 million participants in the USA in the year 2017. The worldwide growth of marathon running has grown by 49.43% in 10 years from 2008 to 2018. Studies have shown that women are more interested in marathon running than men-- 56.83% of women are interested in marathon running, while 46.91% showed interest in marathon running. Globally speaking, women makeup 50.24% of runners and usually consist of women in the age group of 36 to 40. Participation declines when they reach the age of 40. Regardless if it is true or not, the presence of women in the sports industry, especially in marathon running, is a way to combat gender stereotypes and gender roles. However, their domination in the field often goes unrecognized in the industry. That's why this article will be introducing you to the dominance of women in marathon running.

Women in the Sports of Running

Women are often said to be too feminine and fragile to participate in vigorous activities and sports like running. That is why women were not allowed to participate in marathons previously-- because they fear that a female participant may not handle the stress marathon running can cause them. Even with this kind of discrimination, no one could hinder women from participating in marathons and from breaking gender stereotypes reinforced to females. According to a survey, out of the 443,878 marathon results recorded in the USA, 196,586 women participated. In addition, 42.59% of All American Marathon runners are women. That means that almost half of the country's marathon runners are women and that the USA has the highest proportion of female runners out of any countries listed in the study. In 2014, female runners were recorded to have dominated every race, including 5k, 10k, and halves of the marathon distance. During these times, the ages that were primarily active were between 25 years old and 44 years old, and around 53% of all were finishers from this age bracket. With women continually rising in the marathon running industry, a Canadian runner named Rachel Cliff broke Japan's Nagoya Marathon marathon record. The Nagoya marathon is the biggest all-female racing event in the world. She expressed her happiness by saying, "it felt amazing to be on the start line with the other 24,000 women. As a female, you are not used to being the most important part of a race, but at the Nagoya Marathon, we were." Surprisingly, other countries or continents have also shown signs of women's domination in running sports at that time. Iceland was recorded to have the highest percentage of women runners (59%), while Asia also started to have more female runners.

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