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A Beginners Guide to Shoe Types

A Beginners Guide to Shoe Types

A perfect pair of shoes is not just a protection for the feet but also a big part in running. It affects the goal and the outcome in every run. Here we have categorized the shoes based on its purpose for you to know which shoes to buy and suits you.


Shoes For Beginners and Daily Grind

The shoes that are designed and provide superior comfort are Premium Shoes. It was equipped with modern cushioning technologies and used high-quality lush materials to wrap the foot with extra comfort.

Standard Shoes are designed to handle constant running. The materials of these shoes may not be luxurious compared to Premium Shoes but are surely top-notch enough to deal with the daily grind.

Premium shoes and standard shoes are durable and can last up to 300 to 600 miles. These types of shoes are best for new runners and for those who run regularly. 


Shoes For Faster Paced Running

For faster running and some intense workouts, such as tempo runs, hill repeats, fartleks or progression run per week, premium shoes are best made for it. It is lightweight and built lower to the ground. For the skilled runners, Performance shoes can be the only shoes they have and can use as training shoes. However, it still depends on how seldom the training is. Since it is made of light materials and can wear out easily, the shoes can only last up to 200 to 500 miles and if the run takes more than an hour, there would be a feeling of less comfort at the end.

Due to its lightweight material, Performance shoes can be used in racing. In comparison to premium shoes and standard Shoes that are heavier, using Performance shoes can help you move and run faster.


Shoes for Racing and Faster Running

Runners that step up from the game are now set their goals on reaching the fastest time in racing. Using a pair of shoes that are much lighter than Premium, standard and performance is necessary. Racing shoes or also known as Racing Flats.  They're lightweight and commonly have small or no heel lift and only a little support. Having fewer materials allows the runner to use their foot strength, flexibility and sense of movement to run swiftly.

Less support and cushioning are the reasons why it can only last up to 100 to  300 miles. Racing shoes are not recommended for beginners and those who are not competing.


The faster you want, the lighter your shoes must be.


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