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Running Tips for Keeping Motivated

Running Tips for Keeping Motivated

Staying consistent is the best way to improve your running game, but it's hard to do that, especially when mornings are dark, and other demands in your life don't let up.

Find a Running Partner

The easiest way to stay motivated is also the most fun. Having a running partner will keep you disciplined while making your runs that much more memorable.

There's real science to back this up. Joining a club for runners is statistically more likely to get you out on the road more often. Whether you're in the city or some rural outpost, there is usually a dedicated community of runners somewhere that will push you to meet your specific goals.

Set Goals For Yourself

On that note, having goals is highly correlated with motivation. Maybe you want to improve your time? Perhaps you've signed up for a race- even a virtual 5K? You might have a goal to run every day, without exception.

Whatever your goal, having a concrete aim in place is the best way to prepare your mind and body to jump straight into the action- and keep that action flowing.

You need to make sure these goals are adequately realistic, though, or they can work against you and put you off from starting at all.

Switch Things Up!


If you're not switching up your running routine, now is a great time to start. Not only is it handy for preventing repetitive muscle strain, but it'll also keep you inspired and motivated. Maybe throw in some alternating sprint training or a trek up a local hill.

Changing up your surroundings will get you more interested in heading out in the mornings too. A new park or road through the country could be just the ticket.

Another tip here is to find a new playlist. If you're in the habit of listening to the same tunes, it's a great time to jettison out of the monotony. Notice how the tempo of your playlist affects your running rhythm. Music is a hugely underrated aspect of maintaining flow.

Splash Out on Some New Gear

It might be as simple as grabbing a new pair of leggings or a wicking fabric top, or you might want to go for a more comfy pair of shoes. Whatever it is, having that novelty factor tends to make you proud to heading out. So if your running gear is drab and old, don't think yourself shallow for investing in some shiny new equipment.

For the tech-savvy, there's a whole range of gadgets that can make your running analytics a neater and more engaging process.

Treat yourself

If you're still struggling to get going in the mornings or on those savagely blue Mondays, use a bit of neurology to get you motivated. Science shows that we're much more likely to accomplish our goals if there's a reward waiting at the end of it. Why not treat yourself to something you really enjoy, like a lush smoothie or a delicious breakfast?


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