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Meal Plan For Fitness

Meal Plan For Fitness

With everyone cooped up indoors, it is easy to lose track of your fitness goals. Instead of packing on the pounds during quarantine, you can follow a fitness meal plan and get in shape instead. Ditch fast food and sugary snacks by replacing them with nutrient-dense foods. Not only will this boost your metabolism, but it will also help curb your cravings.

Quick Snacking Tips

If you know that you tend to get hungry during the day, plan out some healthy snacks in advance. Take a trip to the grocery store's fresh fruit and vegetable section to load up on healthy snacks that won't pack on the pounds. Grab veggies that you can eat raw such as carrots, cucumbers, and even salads. At the same time, load up on fruits and vegetables that you can nosh on while you hang out around the house.

Common Fitness Meal Plan Mistakes

There are a few common pointers you should be aware of before starting a fitness plan. The first mistake has to do with your actual workout. The way you eat before and after a workout significantly affects your fitness levels. Before working out, your meals should include carbs. Eating fruits or even your bread portion is best consumed before hitting the gym or starting your workout routine for the day. Following this timeline will help keep your blood sugar levels in check while you exercise and give you the energy you need to feel the burn.

Another mistake many people make is loading up with energy drinks ahead of their workout. While protein shakes can boost your performance, you must be giving your body fuel, not only hydration. Skip the electrolyte energy drinks and stick with plain water and a small healthy meal instead.

Pre-Workout Meals For Fitness

What you eat before your workout also has a lot to do with your fitness goals. If you are a competitive athlete, I'd bet that you already have a highly specialized diet that you will be following. For the rest of us, meals can be based on the type of workout planned. If you plan to eat a full meal, it should be consumed at least two hours before you work out so that you are not exercising on a full stomach. Snacking is okay an hour or even 30 minutes ahead of your workout. For weight training, focus on protein ahead of your workout and cardio, focus on carbs.

Post-Workout Meals For Fitness

It is a good idea for strength workouts to have two servings of carbs, two servings of protein, and one or two servings of veggies. For cardio, it is a good idea to have a meal that consists of 1 serving of carbs, one protein serving, and at least three servings of veggies. Rehydration is critical, following both forms of workout. You should also make sure to eat your meal within two hours of finishing your training. Doing so will allow your body to replenish its energy stores and burn off any excess sugar instead of storing it as fat.

Making The Most Of Your Fitness Meal Plan

Everyone's calorie intake needs differ, so you must speak with a nutritionist before starting a new diet plan. Your fitness goals will determine the type and amount of food you should be consuming. If you are looking to lose weight, you will need to consume fewer calories than you burn. Those looking to build muscle will need to add more protein to their diet while those looking to tone or up their endurance will need to add more vegetables. The three main macronutrients in any diet are carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Finding the right balance to help you meet your fitness goals is the challenge.

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