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How to Cool-Down After a Run

How to Cool-Down After a Run

How to Cool-Down After a Run

Instead of plopping down on a coach until you catch your breath, after a run, you should take the time to do a proper cool-down. A cool-down routine is just as important to both your performance and your recovery rate as a warm-up.

Athletes should always warm-up to get their bodies ready for the workout it's about to do. The cool-down, likewise, helps it transition back to "normal." Suddenly stopping activity after a run can lead to a rapid decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, which can result in feelings of lightheadedness. Additionally, ceasing activity can cause your muscles to constrict, which can lead to stiffness and soreness quickly. Slowly winding down lets your heart rate and blood pressure gradually return to their normal levels. It also helps to settle lactic acid in the muscles, preventing later discomfort.

How do you do a proper cool-down? It’s pretty easy.

Once you finish your run, walk briskly for about 3 minutes, then slow to a gentle walk for about 7 minutes. These simple actions will allow your heart rate and breathing to return to their normal levels gradually. Finally, make sure you rehydrate by drinking water or a sports beverage to replenish your body.

Cooling down can be pretty straightforward, but it is a helpful step to getting you ready for your next workout!


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