How and Where to Get Started with ENO Hammocks — Whether You’re Going Camping or Not

How and Where to Get Started with ENO Hammocks — Whether You’re Going Camping or Not

How and Where to Get Started with ENO Hammocks — Whether You’re Going Camping or Not

Any survivalist will tell you — along with many a hiker, camper, and backpacker — that finding shelter features incredibly high on the priority list. Some would even go as far as to say that finding an appropriate place to set up camp is more urgent than finding life-sustaining water. The problem? If you're off on an adventure, some shelters — like heavier tents — can cost you an awful lot of energy as you carry them around, and take up a lot of space.

Hammocks are often the perfect solution. They tick all the right boxes by getting you off the ground, so you're protected against cold, bugs, floods, and larger animals, as well as saving you a lot of work. As incredible as hammocks are, many are rather tricky for beginners to set up. That's one of the numerous reasons ENO hammocks are so appealing. By inventing the first-ever knotless hammock suspension system, ENO hammocks allow even the intimidated beginner to have a go at these nifty outdoor shelters.


How do You Hang an ENO Hammock?

To get started with an ENO hammock, you'll need to buy a hammock as well as a suspension system to hang it. ENO offers four different suspension systems that have different capacities and allow for various distances. Since ENO itself declares the Atlas suspension system to be its "staff favorite," we'll take a look at that — but other suspension systems work similarly.

Once you've found the right place to suspend your hammock, you'll want to attach the strap at about the height of your head, threading the end with multiple loops through the end that only features a single loop. Repeat this step on the other end. You're now ready to attach your ENO hammock by hooking the first carabiner onto the strap. Release the bag, walk over to the other end, pull your second carabiner out, and once again attach it to the strap. You'll now get a good picture of the hammock's tension and can adjust it by moving the carabiners closer to the trees or further away from them. 

That’s basically it — yes, really! And taking your ENO hammock down is just as easy. Because safety should be your first priority, however, it's always good to watch some videos of ENO hammock hanging in action, as well as to practice it in a safe place, like your backyard, before you head off on an adventure.


Where can You Use ENO Hammocks?

Use ENO hammocks almost anywhere — whether you're going camping, heading to a music festival, chilling on the beach, or even turning your backyard or living room into a fun adventure. As long as you've got two sturdy "poles" to attach your hammock to, you're good to go. ENO reminds you to stick to the "leave no trace" principle, though, and that's basically what it says on the tin. Don't litter! Only place your ENO hammock where it's allowed, and never leave your ENO hammock behind, as it may hurt animals.

For extra protection from both the elements and bugs, ENO Skylight hammocks are excellent, or you could purchase an additional rain tarp. For backyard camping or beach fun, one of the many ENO SingleNest or DoubleNest (for two people!) hammocks are the way to go.

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