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History of the Brand Patagonia

History of the Brand Patagonia

Skill, performance, endurance, strength, and agility are just some of the factors that athletes require; however, there's something else that every athlete needs that doesn't come from within themselves, and that's clothing. The clothes an athlete wears will make a huge difference in their overall success. Whether you're a skier, a surfer, a mountain biker, or a rock climber, if you're looking for a brand of athletic clothing that offers high-quality, comfortable, and reliable garments, Patagonia is an excellent choice.
But what is Patagonia? Let's take a look at the history of one of the most popular athletic clothing companies on the Planet to give you an idea.
An Overview of Patagonia's History
Patagonia was founded by Yvon Chouinard, a climber who got his start in the sport in 1953 when he was just 14 years old and became a Southern California Falconry Club member. One of the club leaders, Don Prentice, taught members how to rappel down cliffs into the aeries of falcons. It was that introductory lesson that changed everything for Yvon and ignited his life-long love of rock climbing.
As he fostered his love of rock climbing, Yvon discovered that there needed to be more options when it came to clothing for climbers. In 1957, he began selling mountain climbing gear that he hand-forged himself through the company he established, Chouinard Equipment. For almost a decade, he sold his gear solo, but in 1965, he decided to join forces with Tom Frost to improve the products he made and make sure that he would be able to address the increased demand for the products he offered.
In the year 1970, Yvon acquired rugby shirts from Scotland, which he wore while he climbed because the shirts' collar prevented the climbing sling from hurting his neck. He opened his first store in 1973, which was coined "Great Pacific Iron Works," and in 1981, Patagonia and Chouinard Equipment were incorporated within the Great Pacific Iron Works. In 1984, he changed his store's name from Great Pacific Iron Works to Lost Arrow Corporation.
Since then, Patagonia has expanded its lineup of products to meet athletes' needs in other sports, such as surfing and fly fishing. On top of the high-quality and comfortable clothing that they provided, they also offered other products, including backpacks, sleeping bags, and even food for camping.
In 2017, Patagonia offered that certain merchandise types could be returned in good condition, and the company would provide new merchandise credits. The returned products get a thorough cleaning and are repaired (if necessary) and sold via their "Worn Wear" website.
Besides offering some of the finest quality athletic clothing for various sports and physical activities, Patagonia is also a strong environmental activist. They donate one percent of their total sales to environmental groups via One Percent for the Planet, a company that Yvon was a founding member of.

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