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History of the Brand Hoka One One

History of the Brand Hoka One One
History of the Brand Hoka One One
If you're a runner, you know how important the shoes you wear on your feet are to your overall success. There are seemingly endless sneakers available, and one that's been making a lot of waves is Hoka One One. Whether you're looking for a great pair of athletic shoes, but you aren't sure which brand to choose, or you've been shopping around, and you keep seeing Hoka One One pop up, but you want to learn more about the manufacturer and their products, here's an overview of the company's history to give you some background information that may help you decide if Hoka One One is the right choice for you.
Origination of Hoka One One
A French-based company, Hoka One One, was established in 2009. In the more than ten years that they've been around, they've made some major waves. What really drew the attention of runners was the unique design of the sneakers, which includes an oversized outsole (which has been coined the "maximalist") that provides extra cushioning. In a time when the minimalist design was all the rage for running shoes, the revolutionary design really set Hoka One One apart from the crowd.
Founded by Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, the pair was determined to design a shoe that would allow runners to go downhill at faster speeds. After considering several ideas, they finally came up with the "oversized outsole," which provided more cushioning than any other running shoe that was available at the time that Hoka One One came onto the scene. The name of the company means "fly over the earth" when translated from its original Maori language.
At first, Hoka One One's sneakers caught the attention of long-distance marathon runners. Thanks to the enhanced cushioning and the improved stability that the oversized outsole provides, it's easy to see why. Very quickly, they also became popular with all types of runners, as they are quite lightweight and offer maximum cushioning. The initial high-cushioned sneakers that the manufacturer found its success is now accompanied by shoes that are lighter in weight (which still maintain the original oversized cushioning), as well as lightweight trainers and racing shoes, and even track spikes.
In April of 2013, Hoka One One was purchased by Deckers Brands, the parent company of other popular shoe brands, including UGG and Teva. Today, the Hoka sponsors professional runners. Initially, the first athletes that were sponsored by the company were trail-ultra runners; however, now, their roster includes several track and field triathlon, as well as road-running athletes. Furthermore, Hoka has a long-standing sponsorship deal with professional training groups, such as the Northern Arizona Elite of Flagstaff, Arizona, the New Jersey New York Track Club, and the Aggies Running Club of California.
What Sets Hoka One One Apart?
What makes Hoka so much different than any other running shoe brand on the market is the feeling that they offer. Thanks to the enhanced cushioning that they offer, coupled with the thoughtfully engineered midsole, the shoes offer quite a unique feeling. As you run in them, they feel smooth, soft, and efficient.

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