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History of Teva Sandals

History of Teva Sandals

A History of Teva Sandals

The best inventions arise from genuine practical needs — and Teva sandals, the original sports sandals, are no exception. Like so many other rafters, creator Mark Thatcher, a geophysicist who worked as a rafting guide in the early 1980s, grew frustrated by the fact that all the shoes on the market at the time just failed to meet his needs. While running shoes offered great support, they became heavy and uncomfortable while on the water, ultimately causing the kind of friction that quickly leads to blisters and other foot problems. Flip-flops were easy to dry but underperformed in support and came off at the most awkward of times.

So, Thatcher decided to remedy that — creating a sports sandal with a nylon ankle strap that would stay in place. The original model, which still featured the same thong system between the toes that traditional flip-flops do, proved to be excellent for rafters. Hikers and runners, on the other hand, often suffered from blisters in this area. Teva's universal strapping system, which cleverly avoids the areas that cause most friction, solved that problem and allowed almost anyone to enjoy practical and comfortable sandals.

Today, the brand Teva, which means “nature” in Hebrew, is owned by Deckers Outdoor Cooperation, and every single design feature aims to live up to its motto of "strapping into freedom." Teva sandals feature a softer inner sole with Microban Zinc, a high-tech solution to nasty foot odors and bacterial proliferation. The supportive outer soles stay true to the sandals' original purpose of offering rafters an excellent grip. At the same time, the universal strapping feature ensures that your sandals won't come off unless you want them to. Teva sandals support your toes, heels, and the sides of your feet with straps uniquely connected to rings. 

It's been a very long time since Teva sandals were the exclusive domain of rafters, surfers, and other water lovers — since the 1980s, they've also grown to be an efficient fashion statement to many. That fact is almost certainly partially to thank for the vast range of style choices Teva sandals offer today for men, women, and children alike.

Teva sandals never lost sight of its original mission of allowing users to explore and roam freely. You'll get utility and style wrapped into one by grabbing a pair of these versatile sandals, whether you're going fly fishing or you're simply walking to the grocery store.

Best of all? Active consumers who love the planet can enjoy a pair of Teva sandals without guilt — the company is committed to making sure that their sandals make the earth a better place. To achieve that, since 2020, all Teva sandal straps are now made with entirely recycled plastics, rescuing millions of plastic bottles from the ocean environment it loves so much and incorporating them into your sandals instead. While many of Teva's sandals are 100 percent vegan, any leather you find in Teva sandals is sourced sustainably.

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  • Koko The Talking Ape
    Koko The Talking Ape

    Teva seems to have stopped using an antimicrobial in it sandals. No word why. Maybe we should expect the return of super-stinky sandals!

  • Louis Steff
    Louis Steff

    I still have an original pair of teva which was purchased when the sandal first came out and i still use them as slippers . I have plantar fasciitis and i am inquiring as to if you have a sandal made to address this problem. Before i developed the foot problem i used the sandals while fishing from shore and in a boat also they where great for wading and catching bait in the water. Great for washing the car also.

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