Gulf Coast Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Gulf Coast Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Gulf Coast Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Gulf Coast beaches are famous for offering year-round enjoyment for almost everyone. Whether you're looking for relaxing hours in the sun or adventurous outdoor challenges, these stunning white beaches can be your gateway to otherworldly turquoise waters. Where should you go, and why? Let’s dive in, so to say!


Gulfport, Mississippi

Sure, Biloxi has become a hub for gamblers and adventurers alike, and it'd certainly be a great place to visit. But if you are hunting for a less touristy, more natural feel, Gulfport, Mississippi, is a much more exciting place to check out. This haven for nature lovers offers kayaking and canoeing opportunities galore, and you may catch a glimpse of an alligator or dolphin while you’re taking in the rest of the scenery. The fact that those who've gone before you describe this beach as underused should fill your heart with joy if you're aching to replenish your soul — other people not included.


Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, Alabama

Imagine a grand total of 32 miles of sugar-white beaches, courtesy of tiny quartz grains that came all the way from the Appalachian mountains many lifetimes ago. Imagine deep, warm, teal waters. Now imagine days filled with parasailing, deep-sea fishing, nature trails, or nothing but your mind, your sunscreen, and the sand between your feet. This family-friendly stretch of beach might seem too good to be true, but despite that, a haven of peace is well within your reach.


Crystal Sands Beach, Florida

We don’t have to woo you with emerald waters and the sugar-white beach, as you can expect both from any Gulf Coast beach. Its unique pastel cottages, plentiful and varied seafood offerings, ample fishing opportunities, and challenging golf courses are what should draw you to Crystal Sands Beach in the North West of Florida if you've reached your limit of the daily grind and want to chill.


Madeira Beach, Florida

Rumored to have been founded by a bonafide pirate, this cozy town near St Petersburg is a beautiful vacation spot for almost everyone. Whether you're after their seafood, are planning to go kayaking, or want to bake in the sun, Madeira Beach might be the right place to recharge your batteries — on your own, with friends, or with your other half and kids.


No matter where along the Gulf of Mexico you decide to venture — and whether you’re looking for excitement, relaxation, or both (because why not?) — you’ll want to equip yourself with the perfect beach gear. The Gulf Coast’s sugar-white beaches might be pristine all on their own, but you need the right sunscreen to protect your skin and sunglasses that not only look cool but also guard your eyes and the sensitive skin around them from the sun's hazardous rays. Whether you're only planning to walk from your quaint cottage to the beach and back or are gearing up for some kayaking, the amphibious sports sandals will keep your feet comfortable and supported.


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