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Gait Analysis is commonly conducted by professionals, however, nowadays, there are sports shops that have the equipment and trained staff to perform this method. This is used to evaluate the way we walk or run and emphasize biomechanical movement.

To begin with, you will be recorded while running on a treadmill wearing a neutral shoe - this will help to accentuate abnormalities in your gait. After analyzing the first video, you will be asked to go for another run but this time, you are going to wear a shoe that matches your foot and the way yo run. The two footage will be compared to each other and you will be assessed on what types of shoes you should wear that will help you to avoid or lessen injuries.



There are lots of aspects to be considered in choosing the perfect pair of running shoes. Some of them are the size of the feet, the style of running and also the ground. 

 The environment you will be running is a factor that should be considered when choosing a running shoe. Road-running or Standard shoes are made for pavement and other packed down surfaces. While trail running shoes are for off-road adventure and uneven terrain.



The Gait Cycle begins on how the foot reaches and lift up from the ground. Footstrike is how and where your foot touches the surface. Here are the types of footstrike that will help you to get the right shoes for you:

• Pronation
It occurs when your arch flattens as it strikes the ground, causes the foot and ankle to roll inward when running. Pronation helps the feet to absorb shock and adapt to uneven surfaces.
• Supination
This is the opposite of Pronation, the ankle rolls away from the center and the heel rotated outward as you walk or run. It allows the foot to create a rigid structure for propulsion.
• Neutral
The foot lands on the outside of the heel and slightly rolls inward to sustain body weight and lessen the shock impact as the foot strike.

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