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All About Merino Wool Apparel and the Benefits It Provides

All About Merino Wool Apparel and the Benefits It Provides


The merino sheep are one of the most ancient breeds of sheep and one of the most adaptive. Unlike their cousins that you see grazing on grass in the pastures of lowlands, the merino sheep were designed to survive the intense conditions of their natural habitats, which range from scorching hot to freezing cold. What makes these sheep so adaptive? – Why, their wool, of course! Their fleece is very lightweight and super breathable, hence why it's beneficial in the summer, and in the winter, the sheep grow an additional layer of wool over their base coat, which helps to protect them against extreme winter temperatures. In addition to the breathability and insulating qualities that the fleece of merino sheep provides, it's also incredibly soft. Because of these qualities, humans started to harvest the wool from the merino sheep (humanely, which also benefitted the animals) and spun it into fibers that could be woven into clothing.

For hundreds of years, merino wool has been one of the most prized textiles, and in the 21st century, it remains as popular as ever. Here's a look at some of the benefits that merino wool provides.

It's All-Natural

These days, so many things are artificial, having access to something completely natural is a welcomed change. That's exactly what merino wool is: completely natural. Every time you wear merino wool, you'll enjoy knowing that you have something completely natural against your skin.

It's Renewable

Not only is merino wool completely natural, but it is entirely renewable. A single merino sheep can grow four to five pounds of wool per year; that's quite impressive! As scientists show worsening patterns of climate change, using as many renewable resources as possible is more important than ever before.

It Regulates Body Temperature

Of all species of sheep, merino is the hardiest, and that's because of their wool. Their fleece is so breathable and provides such excellent insulating properties that these animals can maintain comfort in temperatures that go as low as 5 degrees F to as high as almost 100 degrees F. Just like their fleece helps to regulate the body temperature of the sheep merino wool comes from, clothing that's made of merino wool can help to regulate your body temperature, too. When it's cold, the fibers trap in air, creating an insulating effect, and when it's warm, it wicks sweat away from the skin, maintaining coolness and dryness.

It's Odor-Resistant

Another remarkable quality of merino wool is its ability to resist odors. It actually absorbs the bacterium that causes odors, trapping the scent they generate and preventing it from building up. When you wear clothing made of merino wool, you won't have to worry about getting smelly, making it a perfect choice for traveling, trekking, camping, and other outdoor activities.


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