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A Runners Guide to Working Out During a Pandemic

A Runners Guide to Working Out During a Pandemic

As COVID-19 spreads all over the world, the developed world goes into lockdown. Lockdowns stop the spread of the disease, but it means that we all must stay cooped up indoors for a few weeks, in some cases months.

That means that your morning run with friends is a distant memory. However, as states lift lockdown restrictions, we bet that your legs are itching to get back out on the road, track, or trails. Before you rush out to enjoy the fresh air, remember that we're living in different times.

We all need to be extra careful with our health for the sake of the entire community. Therefore, there are a few adjustments you need to consider before you head out for your first workout after lockdown.

 Remember Your PPE

Personal Protective Equipment, otherwise known as PPE for short, is an essential part of pandemic social culture. At the beginning of the outbreaks, medical science was uncertain about the efficacy of masks in preventing the transmission of the disease.

According to data from the Czech Republic, when everyone wears masks, the R0 (reproduction rate) of the disease falls under 1.0. As a result, the virus slowly moves out of the population.

Many states are having problems sourcing surgical and N95 masks for medical staff. Therefore, you're probably going to have some trouble finding them too.

However, there are plenty of people designing barrier masks out of fabric. Buy a few from different retailers and try them on until you find one that fits. Most barrier masks make it easy enough to breathe. However, if you struggle a bit, just think of it as forced altitude training.

Keep Your Distance

If you're out running on the street, make sure you keep your distance from other people. Social distancing requirements state that we should always remain 6 to 9-feet away from other people. The virus particles leave our mouths and float on the air around us. We breathe them in, and that's how the infection spreads.

So, while you're out running, pay attention to other people. Remember, not everyone will be observing the law, so you need to remain alert and move around people to keep your distance.

Carry Protection

Unfortunately, the onset of COVID-19 resulted in millions of job losses all over the US, with the American economy amid the worst conditions since the great depression. Many people are out of work and have no income or savings.

Therefore, take protection with you when you're out for a run. A non-lethal weapon or pepper spray may save your life if you run into desperate people.

 What to Do When You Get Home

When you start your arrival home, make sure no-one is following you. Criminals may try to force entry with you in a home invasion when you get back and unlock your door. Have your key ready for use as soon as you arrive at the front door.

When you get inside, remove your mask, and wash your hands with soap. Build a good lather; the soap destroys the fatty membrane around the virus. Throw all your clothes in the washer, and then go for a shower, use shower gel to work up a soapy lather.


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