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6 Yoga Essentials To Bring Out Your Inner Peace

6 Yoga Essentials To Bring Out Your Inner Peace

Yoga is a beautiful way to stretch and tone your body without the high impact of a traditional workout. Yoga is much slower in nature and can also serve as a way to release stress and resolve built-up muscle tension. Of course, equipping yourself with the right gear for your yoga sessions will help make your routine much more enjoyable. Grivet Outdoors has put together a list of six essential items to have on hand for yoga lovers of all levels. 

Vibram Women's VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoe

There are shoes for running, shoes for baseball, and even shoes made for hiking across the hills. Of course, there is a shoe explicitly crafted to meet a yoga enthusiast's needs. These soft-soled shoes are shaped like feet and allow you to grip the floor to complete your poses with ease. 

Manduka Women’s Cross Strap Cami

Yoga is all about soft movements, strength, and reducing stress. Clothing choices for yoga and Pilates also reflect these ideals with their smooth surfaces and loose-fitting cuts. This cross strap cami gives you the support you need to keep everything in place while also retaining maximum comfort regardless of how you bend or move. 

Soybu Men's Levity Shortsleeve Tee Shirt

Comfort and yoga are for all sexes. Soybu has created a line of men's yoga wear that is comfortable, soft, and easy to move in. Made from high-quality materials, it whisks away sweat while allowing free movement for every pose. This lightweight shirt has a four-way stretch fit, which will enable men of all sizes to wear their yoga gear with confidence.

Manduka PROlite Yoga and Pilates Mat

If you have seen one yoga mat, you have seen them all right? Wrong! Not all mats are created equal. As a high quality, non-slip yoga mat that is also easy to clean, the Manduka PROlite is just what every yogi needs. 

Manduka Women's Leggings

What yoga outfit is complete without your standard pair of yoga leggings? Manduka has a trendy line of yoga leggings made to fit all ages, sizes, and shapes attractively. No more worrying about your pants riding up or down when working on a challenging pose. These leggings are made to stay in place when you pull them on up until the moment you take them off before hitting the showers.

Moving Comfort Fiona Sports Bra High Impact Running Yoga-Pilates

Speaking of staying in place, any woman can tell you just how challenging it can be to find an athletic bra that fits and keeps everything in place during a workout. Most are tight, restricting, and not made for yoga enthusiasts. The Fiona sports bra is made with runners and yoga enthusiast in mind. Everything will stay in place no matter how much you bounce, twist, or bend. The fabric is breathable and moves with you, which is precisely what yoga enthusiasts crave.

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