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What you put in your pants is important. That's why each pair of SAXX Underwear comes equipped with the BallPark Pouch™. Designed to reduce friction, this patented piece of tech keeps your man-parts in place.

Thanks to its 3D construction, the BallPark Pouch™ is perfectly molded to fit your anatomy. You can think of it like a super-soft lockbox – it’ll keep your boys cozy and safe.

Besides an obvious feel-good factor, the BallPark Pouch™ offers a number of unique benefits. For starters, everything stays put, and you won’t have to worry about physically positioning your boys into the pouch. Next up, the pouch's mesh panels create a permanent divide between your balls and your thighs. This means no more sticking, downright discomfort, or impromptu games of pocket pool. Lastly, the BallPark Pouch™ provides natural support and freedom of movement, meaning that no matter the maneuver, your boys will be good to go.

Saxx Underwear Men's Ultra Boxer Briefs


  • Astro Surf and Turf Fly
  • Banner Stripe
  • Black/Black
  • Black/Tech Rec WB
  • +34
Saxx Underwear Volt Boxer Brief


  • American Pilsner
  • Armchair Quarterback
  • Canadian Lager
  • Chompers
  • +16
Saxx Underwear Men's Quest Boxer Briefs


  • Assembly Stripe
  • Black II
  • Black Mountainscape
  • Black Mountainscapes
  • +10
Saxx Underwear Vibe Boxer Brief


  • Black Candy Cane
  • Black Endangered
  • Black Shred
  • Black Space Hiker
  • +19
Saxx Underwear Men's Pilot 2N1 Athletic Running Shorts


  • Black
  • Dark Denim
  • Heather Black
  • Velvet Blue Heather
Saxx Underwear Men's Snooze Pant


  • Aberdeen Flannel
  • Black
  • Black Pizza Bolt
  • Bud Winter Gear - Navy
  • +4
Saxx Underwear Men's Ultra Boxer Brief w/ Fly


  • Alpine Crest - Multi
  • Banana Bunch-Mystic Red
  • Black/Black
  • Coast Life- Navy
  • +12
Saxx Underwear Men's Kinetic 2N1 Sport Athletic Short


  • Black
  • Dark Charcoal
  • Velvet Blue
Saxx Underwear Oh Buoy 2N1 Volley 5” Swim Shorts


  • Azure/Black
  • Blue Cut Work Tropical
  • Cutwork Stripe-Airy Blue
  • Desert Red
  • +2
Saxx Underwear Ultra Boxer Brief 2PK


  • Back Yard BBQ/Navy
  • Black/Grey
  • Heritage Floral/Black
  • Navy/Pulled Plaid
  • +5
Saxx Men’s Underwear 3Six Five Long Sleeve Crew


  • Ash Grey Heather
  • Ash Heather Grey
  • Black Heather
  • Ink Heather
Saxx Underwear Gainmaker 2N1 Short 7"


  • Black
  • Cargo Grey
  • Graphite
  • Stone Blue
Saxx Underwear Oh Buoy 2N1 Volley 7” Swim Shorts


  • Banana Bunch Black
  • Blue Dawn Patrol
  • Cargo Grey
  • Desert Red
  • +3
Saxx Underwear Men's Sport 2 Life 2N1 Short


  • Army Heather
  • Camo Heather
  • Deep Navy Heather
  • Faded Black Heather
Saxx Men’s 3Six Five Pant


  • Ash Grey Heather
  • Ash Heather Grey
  • Black Heather
  • Ink Heather
Saxx Underwear Volt Boxer Brief


  • Joshua Tree
  • Yellowstone
Saxx Underwear Men's Hot Shot Crew


  • Black Heather
  • Dark Denim Heather
  • Washed Teal Heather
Saxx Underwear Men's Down Time Pant


  • Cargo Grey
  • Grey Heather
Saxx Underwear Men's Volt Breathable Mesh Boxer Brief


  • Moodswing
  • Polar Ice
  • The Enforcer
Saxx Men's Hightail 2N1 Run Short 5"


  • Black
  • Graphite
  • Vermillion
Saxx Men's 5" Inseam Relaxed Fit Ultra Boxer Brief


  • Grey Criss Cross
Saxx Underwear Men's 3Six Five Short


  • Ash Grey Heather
  • Black Heather
Saxx Underwear Men's 3Six Five LS Crew


  • Desert Blue


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