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Since Osprey was founded in 1974, every item designed has passed through the hands of owner and founder Mike Pfotenhauer.

In California, the young entrepreneur opened a retail shop in the front of his house where backpackers and explorers came for custom-fit, made-to-order packs and bags constructed over several days. As the demand for the great-fitting packs increased, Osprey found itself relocating to its current home in Southwest Colorado.

Today, Osprey is a melting pot of diverse personalities, backgrounds and abilities. All sharing the common belief that adventure is open to everyone and found anywhere.

Osprey Daylite Sling Pack


  • Aluminum Grey
  • Axo Green/Enchantment Purple
  • Black
  • Cosmic Red
  • +5
Osprey Daylite Cinch Backpack


  • Acorn Red/Tunnel Vision Grey
  • Aluminum Grey
  • Axo Green/Enchantment Purple
  • Black
  • +6
Osprey Daylite Waist Pack


  • Aluminum Grey
  • Axo Green/Enchantment Purple
  • Black
  • Nightingale Yellow/Green Tunnel
  • +4
Osprey Duro Dyna Handheld w/ Flask


  • Default Title
Osprey Daylite Backpack


  • Aluminum Grey
  • Black
  • Medium Grey/Dark Charcoal
  • Plants Print Nieve Green
  • +2
Osprey Hydraulics LT Reservoir


Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir


Osprey Duro Dyna Belt w/ Flasks


  • Blue Sky
  • Dark Charcoal Grey
Osprey Cleaning Kit


  • Default Title
Osprey Sporlite 15


  • Aubergine Purple
  • Dark Charcoal Grey
  • Pine Leaf Green
Osprey Skimmer 16


  • Default Title
Osprey Packs Hydraulics Lumbar 1.5L Reservoir


  • Default Title
Osprey Ultralight Raincover


Osprey Zealot Chalk Bucket Pack


  • Cetacean Blue
  • Rocky Brook Green
Osprey Katari 7 w/Reservoir


  • Default Title
Osprey Seral 4 Hydration Waistpack


  • Dustmoss Green
  • Orange Sunset
Osprey Sportlite 30


  • Dark Charcoal Grey
Osprey Seral 7 Hydration Pack


  • Default Title
Osprey Bike Tool Roll


  • Default Title
Osprey Seral 7 Hydration Waistpack


  • Black
  • Claret Red


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