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KAVU was founded by Barry Barr in Seattle back in 1993. It all started with a Strapcap that he is selling before and now, KAVU has apparel and accessories that are available in stores worldwide and online.

The company encourages everyone to have FUN in life by the designs of their products. Having a day full of fun, energy and stress-free is a KAVU day.

Every day should be a KAVU Day!

KAVU Rope Bag
KAVU Rope Bag

$34.95 $54.95

  • BW Leaf
  • Base Camp
  • Beach Bar
  • Beach Surf
  • +52
Kavu Peak Seeker


  • Black Topo
  • Carbon Tribal
  • Chevron Sketch
  • Horizon Basin
  • +5
Kavu Paxton Pack


  • Autumn Ikat
  • Doodle Ribbon
  • Go Wild
  • Horizon Basin
  • +6
KAVU Rope Sling Bag


  • Arrow Dynamic
  • Autumn Ikat
  • Baltic
  • Beach Sport
  • +56
Kavu Spectator


  • Go Wild
  • Purple Storm
  • Unicorn Dreams
Kavu Canvas Spectator


  • Beach Bar
  • Spot On
  • Trislice
Kavu Interwoven Rope Bag


  • Cactus Stripe
  • Prism Stripe
Kavu Organic Rope Bag


  • Palm Verde
  • Rough Diamond
  • Sierra Ikat
Kavu Keep It Close Bag




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