The original Kalso Earth Shoes were designed and tested by Anne Kalso. She was passionate about yoga that she study in Switzerland and Brazil. It was there that time when she started to notice the posture of native Brazilians as they footprints left on the sand of the beach as they walked. The footprints were deeper in heels than the toes just like the yoga posed Tadasana. She imitates the posture and personally noticed the improvement in her posture and even how her breathing passages opened. These results motivate her to design the original Kalso shoe with the help of a Portuguese shoemaker when she returned to Denmark. It takes years of making the first Kalso Shoe that she even tested models on long hikes. According to her, "It took numerous years of hard work before I reached the final form of my shoe that takes into consideration all the natural demands of the foot and body. It is only now that I know I have created something. It is no longer an idea in my mind, but is something that is thoroughly tested and proven."

She began selling the shoes on a storefront in Copenhagen. Many people who bought and tried the shoes claim that it helped ease chronic foot and body problems. And since then, the brand got famous and Kalso considered on expanding not just in Denmark but also in the United States.

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