Ever heard of the word "Butora" (Boo-to re-ah) before?

This is a Korean term for persistence or determination and usually used to encourage the climbers to "go for it" to "stick it". Now, Butora is a company with high-quality design and material climbing shoes. It was started by Nam Hee Do and his team who spent more than 20 years experience in manufacturing and designing climbing shoes. He, then, collaborated with Bryan Hylenski, who created the KOTRI.org, the first foreigner-owned climbing non-profit in South Korea. Bryan decided to bring these shoes to the US and began to establish the Butora USA.

From then on, Butora now has a huge range of different styles including a lace-up, a retro trad shoe, a one-of-a-kind white-soled markless rental, and children’s shoes. You can definitely find the perfect fit for you that will surely make you go up more without hurting those feet.



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