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About Altra Running and Trail Shoes 


When you want to do a job right, sometimes the only way is to do it yourself. Just because a shoe is marketed as athletic footwear doesn’t mean it’s built correctly for your foot. If a shoe is wrong for your foot then injuries can be a problem. Altra is a direct result of Golden Harper's experiences with running pain. 

Golden Harper grew up running, finishing his first marathon (and setting a world best record, no big deal) at age 12. Working at his family’s running store, Harper became disheartened with the majority of popular athletic shoe designs, noting that the majority of different models on the market did nothing to protect the body from running injuries. Using self-collected research and the help of his trusty toaster oven, he began to modify existing shoes into a better shape, removing the excess heel by literally melting if off the shoe. This provided runners an experience that closer resembled running on the human foot, presenting a more natural, in not initially elegant, solution. 

Harper’s innovations has taken off and started to gain an almost cult like following. Altra’s patented Zero Drop™ technology comes with a zero drop platform which means your foot is flat from heel to toe. The addition of their unique FootShape™ toe box means the front of your foot will have room to splay the toes out to provide proper balance. These advancements, among a wealth of other forward thinking additions like INNERFLEX™ which grid-like flex grooves in the midsole allow your foot to flex where it needs to for more speed and improved performance.

Run better. Run safer. Choose Altra Footwear. 





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